This morning I was up early (with my one year old) devoting some time to my sadhana, or my own personal spiritual practice. I was working my way through a warrior sequence when, as I reached my fingertips up and arched my back into the Warrior 1 posture, I caught myself doing something troublesome – holding my breath. Continue reading “Union”


When I was younger and studying taekwondo, we used to perform judo demonstrations for various events. My sensei enjoyed lining us up from shortest to tallest, then asking the crowd to pick who would do the demonstration. They inevitably picked the smallest – that was little old me – and the largest, usually a grown man. I always got a kick out of this. I’d jerk my hip into his side and use his own weight to flip the man over my shoulder with a thud on the mat, and cheers from the spectators. Continue reading “Strength”